Beautiful thing #1

Who wouldn’t turn to a reassuring drink like this in their hour of need? Is the Alcohol Doctor a Korean soft drink? No! Is it an iced tea? No! Is it an Alcohol Solution Drink 86 SYSTEM? Yes! The can also says – or, rather cruelly shouts, and it isn’t helping your 365-degree hangover one itsy bit – “WORLD CAMPAIGN for STRONG LIVER”. Well, there’s no disagreeing with that one. Who wants a wussy lily liver?

It contains, it says, 18 kinds of fruit and vegetable. They’re listed  on the back in a mocking 3 pt san serif font – nothing for your eyes to gain purchase on here, sunshine, you shoulda thougta THAT before the third nightcap – diospyros kaki Thunb var; persimmon extract; lyceum chinese mill; lycii fructose extract; buckwheat leaf; citrus slough; onion; taurine; glycine semen (!) germinatum; bean sprouts extract (what, water?); citric acid; vitamin C; fluid fructose; fruits flavor. Is that 18?

The couple on the front look happy enough, although it’s a worry that the woman is gripping her head. Perhaps she’s feeling a bit woozy because she hasn’t paid a visit to the Doctor yet. It’s not too late though. One can of Alcohol Doctor can be taken before or after drinking or in a feeling of fatigue.



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