Pathé goes personal: communist footballing uncles

Here’s an extraordinary thing my sister found the other day. A Pathé Newsreel from 1935 of Hull City practising. Welshman Tabram? That’s my great uncle that is.

Watch it here.

This is him on a cigarette card:


I grew up two doors down from him. He looked the same as he did in 1935. He was a Communist and always got the Morning Star and then the Daily Star. I think the newsagent must have mixed the order up and he didn’t like to say.


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2 Responses to “Pathé goes personal: communist footballing uncles”

  1. Stuart Cameron Says:

    My grand-father is also in the Pathe news footage. He was Ken Cameron the captain. Not a good season for Hull. I like the cigarette card. Have you come across one for Ken?

    • renfrewmatic Says:

      Hi Stuart – I haven’t looked for any others apart from Willie’s. I just found this on eBay – may be worth sniffing about. Good luck with the search!

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